Sarcoma Awareness Week: Nicola and Louise

We have been working at the RNOH for almost 10 years.
It is a very difficult job but the rewards are endless! We have so much contact with our patients, we really get to know them and their families, helping them through good times and bad. The satisfaction that being there for them brings us in immeasurable – that’s why we are here day after day. Unfortunately with the nature of this cancer there can be recurrence, our patients are happy to see that we are here to comfort them and reassure them through their journey. 

Thanks to the work that charities like SCAT do we are now seeing more and more patients living much longer as treatment improves and so does prognosis. We are very honoured to work with fantastic patients and world class surgeons and we love fundraising for SCAT. 

Nicola and Louise 300.jpg

"It is a very difficult job but the rewards are endless!"
- Nicola and Louise