Sarcoma Awareness Week: Andrew

In 2007 my wife and I went to New Zealand for a years’ working trip. I got an Orthopaedic registrars job working with a sarcoma surgeon, after 6 months I moved jobs, and by chance started working with 2 other sarcoma surgeons, I was hooked.

Working as an Orthopaedic oncology surgeon is an extremely rewarding career. The surgery is varied, interesting, and can be very challenging. It also allows us to work closely with other specialties, without whom our jobs would be very difficult. However the most rewarding aspect of being a sarcoma surgeon is the people I deal with. 

"A huge Multidisciplinary team supports the surgeons. The wonderful specialist nursing staff and therapists, oncologists, Radiologists and pathologists, and of course the other surgeons within the unit."
- Andrew

Andrew 300.jpg

Foremost in all this are of course the patients we meet. I am constantly inspired by the way in which patients and their families deal with a life changing diagnosis and treatment pathway. Being involved with these inspirational people and endeavouring to improve those pathways are why most of us are drawn to this career.

Recently I had the privilege of treating a young girl with sarcoma in a major nerve. During her initial visit, through her radiotherapy, surgery and rehabilitation, she has remained a ray of sunshine at every meeting. She typifies the patients we have the privilege of treating.