Gaby Runs London

“In the summer of 2014 during my university holidays I was due to go backpacking. However, two weeks before I was due to leave I found a very small lump in my thigh.” 

Over the space of the next week Gaby had multiple scans and was quickly referred to the RNOH. Fortunately she received the news that it was an ‘intramuscular myxoma’ – a benign growth. 

Gaby was never a fan of running, but took it up to regain strength in her leg after the operation. In one of her follow up consultations her mum joked that she would be running the marathon next and Mr Pollock replied to say if she did, she should do so for SCAT. 

Taking on the 26 miles from Blackheath to The Mall will be a huge challenge but Gaby is completely committed and motivated.  

“I am so appreciative of how lucky I have been and I would really like to do everything I can to help those that have not been as fortunate.”

If you would like to support Gaby and help her to raise her £5,000 target then please sponsor her here:

Good Luck Gaby!